Sunday, April 18, 2010

XBOX 360 JTAG hacked!

I decided to bring back to life my original XBOX 360 which had the dreaded RROD.  I used the Reflow with variable Heatgun and griddle method.  All has been good so far.  I’m keeping it relatively cool.

Anyway, since it was an older XBOX360 that had an exploitable dashboard.. I decided to JTAG it.  Jtagging your XBOX360 allows you run any unsigned code, like homebrew.  This includes running games from an external HDD, emulation (SNES, Genesis, MAME), XBMC (hopefully soon!), and custom dashboards.

After jtagging, I knew I would have to keep it cool so it doesn’t RROD again.  Here are the mods I choose to do:

1. 12V fan mod (stock fans run at full power, 12V)

2.  Two intake fans on top of case.  Cool air in, hot air out the back.

3.  Fan shroud.

4.  Back metal/plastic grating removed

5. DVD drive removed.

Here’s a few pictures of the final product:

P4187002  Outer shell

P4187008  Intake fans

P4186987  Metal/plastic grating removed

P4186993 Insides…

  P4186998 Jtag wires and fan shroud.

P4186994 Added Molex plug for additional fans (soldered to underside)

P4187019 Nice temperatures… hopefully RRODs are the thing of the past.

Please comment or hit me up with any questions…