Sunday, February 21, 2010

Funky Favorites

Growing up, my brothers and I had two novelty records that we basically wore out. The first one was called "Funny Bone Favorites". Check it out here. Thirty-some years later, we tried to remember what the other record was called. After sharing some memory fragments: "girl in bikini", "brown cover", "beep beep song".... I finally found it online.

I still remember being a 4 yr old listening to "Beep Beep (The Little Nash Rambler)". When the song started, I would begin slowly walking in circle in the living room. Then as the song's tempo increased so did my speed. At song's end (120mph), I would collapse giggling in a dizzy haze on the floor.

What the hell was wrong with me?!?

Track Listing

01 - Bobby 'Boris' Pickett - Monster Mash
02 - The Playmates - Beep Beep (The Little Nash Rambler)
03 - Lee Dorcey - Ya Ya
04 - The Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy vs The Red Baron
05 - 1910 Fruitgum Company - Simon Says
06 - The Detergents - Leader Of The Laundromat
07 - Brian Hyland - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini
08 - The Coasters - Charlie Brown
09 - Chuck Berry - My Ding-A-Ling
10 - Allan Sherman - Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh (A Letter From Camp)
11 - Larry Groce - Junkfood Junkie
12 - Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs - Li'l Red Riding Hood
13 - Sheb Wooley - The Purple People Eater
14 - Little Anthony and The Imperials - Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko Bop
15 - Ohio Express - Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
16 - Tom Glazer And The Do-Re-Mi Childrens Chorus - On Top Of Spaghetti
17 - The Cadillacs - Speedo
18 - Jim Stafford - Spiders And Snakes

Click the link below to download--
--> Funky Favorites <--

(This download includes the novelty albums: Fun Rock, Funky Favorites, Funny Bone Favorites, Funny Bone Favorites Vol II, and Goofy Gold. These compilations were not created by me.)

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